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Written by: Andrew Peasley 5.30.2014

Welcome to The Peasley's Table!

This is a look into our everyday life of the food we prepare and eat with our family.  Putting food into our bodies that promote proper function, healing, and digestion allows us to enjoy life the way we were designed to. We believe food makes a huge impact on our life. Whenever possible, we eat whole, plant based, organic food.  If you would like more information on why we eat the way we do, please click on “Our Food Philosophy” tab at the top of the page. 

peasleytablefoodWe are not into dieting, we do not count calories, and we do not believe “low fat” products are necessarily good for us. We are into practicing a healthy lifestyle of consuming food that is good for us on an everyday basis.  We consume a lot of fruit and vegetables every day along with gluten free grains, beans and legumes.  Dairy and gluten are two products we avoid on a consistent basis. We don’t believe they offer anything we can’t get from healthier alternatives. Every once in a while you may see us around Holland enjoying a treat that falls into the "little to none" category. We stress a lifestyle we can maintain, not a diet we despise. We hope you enjoy following us on our personal food journey and choose to invest in your health as well! You are always welcome at The Peasley’s Table!