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What is Health? Does having Health mean that you don't have symptoms? No coughing, sneezing, or pain?

Health is the ability of your body to deal with and overcome mental, physical, bacterial, viral, and chemical stresses we are exposed to every day of life. Everyday our body is exposed to countless bacteria, virus, germs, and it overcomes these without us being aware of them most of the time.

Health is Less about feeling, and more about function.

Pain is very inconvient, but it is a good thing. Pain tells us there is a problem. Sneezing, coughing, diarrhea, and vomiting are great ways of your body to get rid of bacteria and toxins that are inside it. Fever allows the body to warm up and kill infections and it also boosts the action of the immune system by increasing the amount B-Cells and T-cells our immune system uses to destroy foreign invaders in our body.smoothiehollandmichiganchiro

Healthy Food

The purpose of food is to provide us with calories and nutrients. When we eat food, we are digesting chemical bonds, so it’s important what food we are eating because is dictates how this food will be broken down by our bodies. We want to be putting food in our bodies that promote health in us instead of leach nutrients from our body when we to break these non-nutrient material down. Don't know how to start eating healthy? Check out our food blog, The Peasley's Table, a free resource created just for you!


What we think affects the physiology of our body. If you have ever had a deer burst out in front of you when driving down the road then you have experienced a stress; your heart starts racing and your stomach is twisted inside. What happened physiologically in your body? Your brain sent a message to a gland in your brain, that sent a message to your adrenal gland on your kidneys, where a chemical was released (epinephrine) and goes through your blood stream to your Heart and stomach. This is why your heart starts pounding! Your stomach feels twisted because the bloods has left your stomach and went to your muscles so you are ready to fight and run away. This is what your body does in an emergency! If you have a dead line for your job your body does the same thing.


Exercise is great for our body’s functions. Our bodies were made to move; they work better when they are moving. runninghollandmichiganchiroExercise is great for our heart, lungs, arteries, reducing risk of cancer, treatment for depression, weight loss, muscle strength, and decreasing risks of cardiovascular diseases.

Nervous System Function

The nervous system is composed of our brain, spinal cord, and nerves that from your spine go everywhere in the body. If you enjoy watching movies, texting, walking, talking, playing sports, eating ice cream, or thinking then you enjoy benefits of our nervous system. Without the nervous system you would not be able to do any of these things.