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chirobabyThe nervous system is the first structure to develop in an embryo because it controls the growth of everything else.  During the average delivery 40-70 lbs of pressure is used to pull the child out of the mother, and during delivery the child’s head is torqued so the shoulders can come out of the birth canal.  This is a lot of force at the infant’s brainstem, which is where the brain connects to the spinal cord. This is where our brain controls functions that are vital to life, such as the rate and rhythm of breathing along with all the messages sent from the brain to all the organs, muscles, tissues, and cells in our bodies.  Our brain communicates with our body through the nervous system and our body with our brain through the nervous system.  We know it is vital for pressure to be off nerves so our child’s body (and ours)  can function how they were designed to.  yoga


Your child may have nerve pressure and need adjusted if:

When children begin to pull themselves up on furniture and frequently fall on their bottoms, the body is sustaining traumas that may move bones out of their proper position. This causes mis-alignments of the spine and pressure on their nerves.  The same thing occurs when our children begin to learn how to walk. 

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